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body beautifying device
Introduction: The body beautifying device is the successful product of modern scientific fitness, fat dissolving and body slimming. It is controlled by super-large microcomputer chip with speed regulation. Different speeds can be selected freely and the strong interlocking mechanism with high speed is incomparably powerful. With 500t/m high speed movement of the moving pedal, the surplus fat at legs, waist, abdomen and buttocks can be dissolved. The 8 degree movement design of the moving pedal combines the scientific principle of Kinesiology, so it has the functions of slimming and keeping fitness. Additionally, the large music integrated circuit allocated inside the product perfectly combines the movement that the music speed is synchronous with the movement speed, which let you realize the slimming smoothly when enjoying the music. It is the first selected product for slimming and body beautifying under the high pace of modern life. Characteristic: * Integr
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Strong shaking belt
Introduction: The swaying waistband is a kind of high-tech powerful fat dissolving device, which integrates microcomputer technology and high efficiency vibration mechanism. The internally-allocated powerful 555 model strong power motors provide the dynamic force for fat dissolving, which can vibrate the surplus fat in the body at high frequency of 200 t/s. The swaying vibration with large arc will make the human body carry out sympathetic vibration and accelerate the blood circulation of the body, speed up the metabolism and achieve double effects of fat dissolving and body slimming. The microcomputer automatic work mode is set inside the product, which can gradually enhance the movement intensity of the product, and with the automatic direction change fat dissolving mechanism, it will bring more comfortable feeling for users. Also, the movement intensity can be manually regulated to meet various demands. Characteristic: * Microcomputer controller with large
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Micro computer intelligent slimming belt
Parameter: Model:TL-2002C-A Size(cm):40*9*14 Meas(cm):82*38*30 Package:16pcs Introduction: he product is the combination of electronic technology and the principle of losing weight scientifically. It utilize far infrared ray given off by inner super-power magnetic wave to infiltrate into fat tissue to 4cm to 7cm deep, together with multifunctional massage modes and adjustable working program, reasonable working time setting. Characteristic: * Inserted with 8 pcs high-frequency motors and 8 kinds of massage modes for your choice. * timer setting function, 5-40 minutes for your choice optionally, or FF without time limit. * Double digital display makes operation more easy and convenience. * Scientifically allocated location of the hi-frequency motors.
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Massage belt
Parameter: Model:TL-2004C-1 Size(cm):42*25*6 Meas(cm):74*43*52 Package:24pcs Introduction: the strong/weak vibration massage and the heat treatment by the inside micro-electronic program,to effectively accelerate the fat movement and promote the blood circulation.It is suitable for the people in different shape through the sticky adjusted belt. Characteristic: *Integrated the strong/weak vibration massage and heat treatment *Operate simply and convenient to use
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slimming belt
Parameter: Model:TL-2001B Size(cm):40*9*14 Meas(cm):82*38*30 Package:16pcs Introduction: Micro -computer fat-Reducing Belt is the combination of the advanced scientific techno-logy with the principles of losing weight,it uses the infrared ray given off by the over-ma-gnetic wave to permeate to the subcutaneous tissue of the body fat, it can make the fat motion directly and pass through the muscles and skin to 4-7cm deep,8 different frequency vibrations worked directly on your skin with 5 high frequency vibrators.and the particulate grease will be burned out by 8:100 over-powerful magnetic wave in continuous usage. Characteristic: * With 5 vibrators,4 over-powerful magnets&8massage functions * Timing function including 8 gears from 5-40 minutes * Safety and electricity-saving,it can be connected with 110V,220V power or with batteries
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massage cushion
Introduction: The microcomputer magnetic massage cushion is a kind of multifunctional massage cushion, which integrates vibration massage, pulse massage and far infrared heating physical therapy into one. The massage cushion combines multiple massage functions, which will let you enjoy multiple massage modes simultaneously. Characteristic: * High and wide shape designing, handsome and novel * 6 kinds of pulse massage modes,10 intensity for choice * Inserted with 6pcs of super-power high-frequent magnets which are scientifically located. It has 8 kinds of vibration massage modes for your choice. * Far-infrared heat-treatment fuction. * An adaptor of car power can be used for power supply
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massage cushion
Introduction of the Main Control Panel: 1.There are six suits of vibra-massager which are rational laid on the shoulder, waist, leg and other parts, allocated with the heater function on buttocks. It adopts the operational way of three buttons to open and close the cushion. 2. “Heat” button, press this button to open or close the function of thermotherapy, press it one time to open the function ,another press to close the function; if it works together with the massage function ,then please timing it works with the massage function, if worked separately the heat function will work with any time limited. 3. “Power” button, press this button to open and close the power. 4. “Mode” button, press this button to adjust the eight different working mode. Usage: 1. Tie the cushion to the chair, to prevent them from crumpling. 2. Connect the adapter to the main power, then press the power button to put the cushion into working mode. 3. If you need th
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Massage Mattress with Air cell pillow
Parameter: Model:TL-B2010 Size(cm):57*23*40 Meas(cm):82*49*59 Package:4pcs Introduction: It is adopted the rtaditional chinese medicine massage theory,it is according to the ergonomics,combines the people¡¯s customs of works and daily lives& the traditional massage technique by the microcomputer technology.You can not only enjoy the efficacy from the massage,but also help to promote your blood circulation. Characteristic: * 9 vibrators,8 massage functions and 18 groups of strong magnet * 10,20 & 30 minutes for you to choose * with part massage point setting up and full automatic operation program * color-changing LED can display clearly the massage position & intensity * Strong,middle& weak massage intensity optionally * Air charge pillow which could be adjusted the comfort
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Massage pillow
Parameter: Model:TL-2002D Size(cm):31*30*8 Meas(cm):83*65*65 Package:20pcs Introduction: Automatic touch style operation,it suitable for each part of the body which need to be relaxe.
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Infrared Magnetic Wave Foot Massager
Parameter: Model:TL-Z2003A Size(cm):37.5*12*40 Meas(cm):74*39*42 Package:6pcs Introduction: It connects the foot reflection zone with each organ of the body.The surface is constructed according to the human knaggy foot shape,combined the inside vibration with the surface strong magnetic field,so as to make the force stimulation and magnetic therapy efficacy for each point,at the same time it will be help to promote your foot blood circulation by the inside far infrared ray. Characteristic: * 8 different massage intensity * 5-40 work time for selection and 8 functions circulated automatically * Far infrared heat treatment
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Tianlun Health Equipment Co., Ltd is the national professional supplier of family healthy equipments, which gathers development, sale, corporation and production.
Our company has three kinds and more than 30 products, include slimming belt, body building belt, body building trousers, massage pad, massage cushion, massage chair, foot massager and so on. Our company take the technology & quality as our develop drive. The products have been passed the CE & GS authentication.
Our clients are from more than ten countries, such as Europe, American, Middle East and etc.
Our operational mode connects with the international. Our manage mode is mainly produce and sell healthy equipments and OEM process.
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